About Us

selangorfactory.com constantly strives for new breakthroughs with contemporary delivery systems to enhance its operation efficiency in achieving clients and business partners with confidence and satisfaction.

The vision of the company is to provide a “One Stop” proximity delivery system of servicing and enlightening all its clients' & business partners with the latest 'know-how' of the property market and towards ensuring that they secure the best available deals.

We also takes full responsibility on producing individuals with utmost expertise & providing specialized consultancy for our clienteles.

Vision & Mission


To become the leading of industrial real estate in Selangor providing the services to meet our client all the time.


To provides our clients with the very best service and professional advice in all aspects of industrial real estate.

Our Quality


selangorfactory.com would represent its client with its utmost professionalism and holds all information with high confidentiality until the consent from client is received for disclosure.

selangorfactory.com continuously strives to provide a high level of competency service to its clients; keep our clients always informed of matters affecting real estate laws in the country.

selangorfactory.com endeavours to practice its utmost best in the profession and undertakes all type of estate agency practices that includes negotiations for sales, purchases, letting and leasing of all types of properties for our clients.